Why attend

sTARTUp Day is the largest business festival in the Baltic States bringing together the startup and business community. It's a flagship event where startuppers and traditional entrepreneurs, experts and newbies, government and media will loudly and proudly discuss early stage businesses. The theme of sTARTUp Day 2017 is "From Zero to Hero", an intriguing topic with lots of keynote stories, vital skillsets, exciting workshops, open networking and the best pitches. We put on stage, the best stories to look up to or learn from so you could become a Hero as well!

This year we will have three days of business festival activities. We start on 7th of December with sTARTUp Day activities all around the city. Those interested in preparing their activities to get the most out of the festival should definitely take part of the conference hacking workshop. There will be discussions about ecosystem and investment models, smart manufacturing, technology transferring and trends in different industries. Check out the first day program here!

The main day of sTARTUp Day is on 8th of December. We have 4 stages with amazing speakers, countless pitches and interesting keynote stories for you to get inspired from. We definitely encourage you to listen to the keynote panel "From Zero to hero", CEO talks on "How to grow" and personal efficiency panel. Find out the full day program here!

For more hands-on activities we are preparing a separate program for seminars and workshops. The registration will be opened in November so make sure to be ready for it. If you're looking for meetings, we have a casual networking area and pre-arranged matchmaking area. You can find inspiration and great ideas at expo areas. The day ends with an unbelievable afterparty you wouldn't want to miss!

If you manage to get up on time (you know, the afterparty effects), make sure to visit the creative industry expo, tours around alternative Tartu and open discussions to conclude your festival experience. We find it important to seize your new inspiration, motivation and contacts to make new things happen! You can find the program for 9th December here!

FOTO: Kristjan Teedema

sTARTUp Day is expected to host 2500 participants:  startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, academicians, students and business enthusiasts. Festival is open to everyone who is interested in:
  • Entrepreneurship and startups;
  • getting to know how to avoid making common mistakes in starting a business;
  • getting to know how to increase success rate;
  • meeting with interesting people, networking with greatest minds and making new contacts,
  • or just want to have fun and enjoy the inspiring vibes of the most awesome business festival held in Tartu!

sTARTUp Day 2017 main organizing partners are University of Tartu, City of Tartu and the sTARTUp community.
Our supporting partners are Tartu Science Park, Tartu Business Advisory Services, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, Tartu Biotechnology Park, University of Tartu Idea Lab, Ole Rohkem., Contriber, sTARTUp Hub, Spark Hub, Convertal and, Mooncascade

Early bird tickets are valid until 31st of October only - get your tickets NOW!