Local transport

Getting around with public transport in Tartu

From 1 September 2015, the City of Tartu is using a modern ticketing system which is already in use in many places throughout Estonia and Europe. A contactless plastic chip card or a sticker, which must be swiped at the validator upon entering the bus, is being introduced. Use of the bus card is compulsory for all passengers except those travelling for free under the provisions of the Public Transportation Act. Pensioners over the age of 65, and other passengers with the right to free travel from the City of Tartu, must also register their journey at the validator. Students can use their new student cards as bus cards. Tartu bus cards can also be used in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Kohtla-Järve and Tartumaa, and on Go Bus intercity lines.

New bus cards and stickers can be purchased at R-Kiosk, shopping centres, and other stores. A list of retailers is available at www.tartu.ee/bussikaart. Cards cost €2. You can load money onto your card and buy tickets at sales points, online at www.tartu.ee/bussikaart_eng and via mobile phone.

You can reach bus lines: http://tartu.peatus.ee/#city/eng


Taxis in Tartu

If it is your first time in Tartu, it is best to take a taxi to get to your final destination in the city. Most taxi drivers speak some English and all taxis are equipped with meters.

  • Tartu Linna Takso (Ph: +372 736 6366)
  • Elektritakso (Ph: +372 5749 5749)
  • Takso 1 (Ph: +372 1300, +372 742 0000, +372 5344 4000)
  • Rivaali Takso (Ph: +372 742 2222, +372 15222)
  • SV Takso (Ph: +372 734 3333)
  • Vatex (Ph: +372 736 6566, +372 1700)
  • A-Takso (Ph: +372 733 3666, +372 51 41 698, +372 51 333 66)
  • GoTaksopark  (Ph: +372 730 0200, +372 1200, 1555)