We're expecting 100+ world-class speakers to join us in January. Some of them are already confirmed:  

Christer Fuglesang
1st & only Swedish astronaut
Hermione Way
Brand Consultant, former Communications at Tinder
David Helgason
Unity Technologies & Nordic Makers.vc, Founder & Partner
Kristel Kruustük
Testlio, Founder
Peter Vesterbacka
Lightneer, Slush, Rovio Mobile Ltd, Co-Founder
Kaarel Kotkas
Veriff, Founder & CEO
Andrus Purde
Outfunnel, Founder
Marc Sands
Marketing Guru
Oliver Leisalu
Taxify, Co-Founder
Alari Aho
Toggl, Founder
Jevgeni Kabanov
ZeroTurnaround, Founder; Taxify, Chief Product Officer
Skinner Layne
Vaxios, Exosphere. Founder
Sten Tamkivi
Topia, Chief Product Officer
Noa Matz
TeamDiligent, Founder
Alex Birkett
HubSpot, Growth Marketing Manager
Christian von den Brincken
Ströer, Head of Business Development
Jason Dydynski
Weekdone, Brand Manager
Roger Dickey
Gigster, Founder
Boyd Cohen
IoMob Tech, Founder, Urban Strategist
Triin Kask
Nevercode, Founder
Dr. Ben Miles
Spin Up Science & Bristol Consulting Partnership, Founder
Rein Lemberpuu
Contriber, Founder
Stenver Jerkku
eAgronom, Co-Founder
Rytis Lauris
Omnisend, Co-Founder
Mikko Pohjola
Monttu Ventures, CEO
Stephan Reckie
GEN Space, Executive Director
Dmitri Sarle
ArcticStartup, CEO
Kadri Bussov
CEO, Estonian Student Satellite Foundation
Laurie Louvet
LEEVE, Founder
Mark Ashton
Leader, mentor, coach & growth expert
Martin Vares
Fractory.co, Co-Founder & CEO
Dylan Vickers
PitchBook Data, Senior Business Development Manager
Tõnu Esko
Institute of Genomics, Vice Director
Raoul Järvis
TaxiPal, Founder
Einar Roosileht
Rush Street Interactive, CTO
Tõnu Runnel
Sixfold, Co-Founder
Olesja Marjalaakso
Polka Dot Studio, Founder
Victoria Lennox
Startup Canada, Co-Founder
Markus Pasula
Grand Cru, Founder
Stay tuned! ⚡