Demo area

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1. Organiser, exhibitors
 1. Organiser – MTÜ Startupday
 2. Exhibitors may be all legal entitles, whose products correspond to the theme of exhibition. Demo area is mainly for early-stage startups and incubator / accelerator programmes. Corporates and later stage startups are welcome to exhibit themselves at partner area.

2. Exhibition space
 1. Orders for the exhibition space are treated in the order of their submission. 
 2. The organiser's confirmation and invoice will be sent to all accepted exhibitors.
 3. Removal of the exhibits from the stand during the exhibition is prohibited.

3. Terms of payment
 1. The participation fee for main exhibitor and co-exhibitor, reserved exhibition space and stands rentals  shall be transferred to MTÜ Startupday by the due date on the invoice presented by the organiser. The   exhibitor is entitled to cancel his reservation fee by informing the organiser in writing, but has to pay the   participation fee in full.

4. Responsibilities of the organisers and insurance
 1. Organiser is responsible for the general order in the halls and accepts no responsibility for exhibits, constructions, materials. The responsibility for damage which may occur to exhibition articles both during transport to and from exhibition area and during the period of the event, is the exhibitor's.

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Betti Murdvee
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