The first five speakers of 2017

Here they are, the first five speakers we are announcing for this years program. We have Nanci and Rick on our head track of the program sharing their stories on becoming heroes. We also have David, one of the best pitching and presentation coaches in the world; Marta as one of key players in unifying academic and entrepreneurial worlds; and James, a guy who knows how you can be as efficient as 10x you!

We are EXCITED to bring you first 5 highly experienced and uplifting STARS:

David Beckett
He's coached over 5000 professionals and large corporates, at companies such as Google,, PwC etc. David has also coached over 20 TEDx speakers, and is a creator of The Pitch Canvas© and the author of the book 'Three Minute Presentation’.

Nanci Govinder
She is the Deal Lead for Switzerland for Rising Tide Europe. Rising Tide Europe is a group of 93 successful business women from 25 countries in 4 continents who have pooled €1.000.000. She is passionate, has high energy and the ability to motivate and energize teams.

Rick Rasmussen
Being a true Silicon Valley native, he has executive experience in three separate companies that started out with zero revenue, raised rounds from leading VCs, went public and sold for a collective $8B.

James Routledge
He dropped out of university to start his first company that raised $1m before it failed. Shutting it down and struggling with anxiety and panic attacks in his next job gave him the inspiration to start Sanctus - a company, that has a vision to create the world's first mental health gym and inspire people to treat their mental health.

Marta Catarino
Marta has supported, mentored and coached more than 300 entrepreneurs, resulting in 40 established knowledge-intensive companies that explore academic research results. Being the Immediate Past President of ASTP-Proton, the European Knowledge Transfer Association, she knows what it takes to succeed as an academic entrepreneur in Europe.

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