Branding, Growth hacking and Using Data

Peter Kentie is known for creating the ESTonishing brand. Oscar Kneppers from Rockstart and Lesa Mitchell from Techstars will share their experiences as a CEO. Lars Jonsson - a man who has published works about University-Industry collaboration. And Slackline artist Jaan Roose will tell you everything about his career on the international scene.

Peter Kentie 

Peter is fond on complex and multifaceted projects relating to marketing and brand building. In his job he is responsible for the citymarketing of Eindhoven region. In Estonia he is known for creating the ESTonishing brand.

Oscar Kneppers 

Over the years Oscar’s companies won several awards. In 2006 Bright won the Dutch Bloggie for best starter. In 2007 he won the title ‘Most Innovative Publisher‘ at the National Publishers Congres. Rockstart was awarded ‘Best Investor’ at the Dutch Startup Awards 2012 & 2013.

Lesa Mitchell

Lesa’s career has included roles as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and consultant to Fortune 500 corporations expanding their innovation footprint. She is also a long time Sr. Fellow at Milken Institute and on the Board of the Althea Foundation.

Lars Jonsson

Lars has developed pro-active approach of technology transfer so he knows about Profitable Commercialization and Open Innovation. He shares experience from the about 90 start-up companies he has been involved in.

Jaan Roose

Jaan is a record holding slackline athlete and simultaneously performing artist. He has accomplished many feats in slacklining such as performing for Madonna on her MDNA WorldTour in 2012, stunt doubled in Assassin's Creed (2016), won the last 2016 Redbull Airlines besides previously accomplished podiums on many World Cups and Championships.

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